La Voix

 Here is my first blog. I will be writing you a bit from time to time! I am so happy to see that you are so many to come on my website! La Voix was an awesome experience. I got to meet the team. People that I always admired like David Lafleche and Charles Lafortune. The whole team of researchers were awesome. They knew us all a bit inside out when we presented ourselves to them. The TV shoot was two days and we had the opportunity to bring 3 people with us and to invite people for the crowd. I will always remember this experience. I worked so hard through the years and to be chosen in 5000 people is an achievement for me. We were 140 people to be chosen on 5000. When I got the call that just made my day. I will continue to try contests also to see up to where I can go. Even though no chairs turned on the set. I will remember Ariane's words. I almost pressed on the button. I was hoping so that she would. The technical team was awesome thank you again to all you at Productions J. 

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